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- in the off season (winter months) from big game hunting we offer snowmobile packages which can be guided or non-guided and who better to snowmobile with than a full time outfitter. The guides are working in the back country at all times of the year so they know it inside out.

- packages range from one day/night to as long as you would like to stay.

- camps can handle up to 24 singles or 6 couples.

- average trips range from 150 to 300 kms per day.

- we can use registered trails or strictly back country, using the large river valleys. Crossing over the Buchans Plateau and/or Gaff Topsails.

- camps have full washroom and shower facilities.

- packages are all inclusive with meals and lodging; meals include breakfast, trail lunches, evening meal and late night snacks.

- with a group of 8 or more, a camp can be reserved just for your group.

- no need to have trail sleds as they will be provided if needed.

- no need to have extra gas cans as we will be refueling at a gas station at about 100 to 150 kms.

- no need for sleeping bags.

Guest Supply:

 Snow Machine

Personal Refreshments

Face Cloths and Towels

- come and see what snowmobiling is all about; after a good day on the country return to camp for a good hot meal and good company.

- a 25% deposit will be required to confirm your booking.

- check out some of the photos!